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Management Services


Harmony Hospitality has accomplished dramatic improvements in revenue, cost containment, and net operating income available for the portfolio it manages. Harmony is successful because the company excels in the following seven disciplines:




Harmony prepares for the future in advance. This minimizes the need to react to events and maximizes the ability to execute activities in a planned and well thought out manner. This allows Harmony to keep its focus on customer needs while ensuring cost effective quality service. Harmony plans for the future by:

  • Providing market analysis

  • Developing business strategies

  • Creating marketing plans

  • Developing sales action plans

  • Determining capital plans

  • Developing financial plans




Harmony selects the most qualified personnel at property level positions. Harmony insures a capable and high quality hotel staff via:

  • Formalized selection process

  • Formalized employee review process

  • Cross-training programs

  • Incentive and bonus programs

  • Employee of the month awards




Harmony establishes clear and effective lines of communication between the management company, the ownership, the financial institution, the hotel manager, and the hotel employees. Services include:

  • Regularly scheduled property reviews with ownership

  • Frequent property visits

  • Open door policy

  • Extensive set of Operating Guidelines with standardized forms

  • Detailed Accounting Guidelines and Policies

  • Monthly management letter

  • Quarterly review meeting

  • A non-bureaucratic, horizontally structured organization which promotes direct communication through property visits, electronically and telephone communication



Harmony operates powerful, reliable and secure technology. Both hardware and software solutions utilized are proven leaders in the hospitality industry. Our skilled team of professionals is armed with an endearing loyalty, resulting in hard work, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence. Specific services include:

  • In-house payroll/benefits processing

  • Automated time and attendance system

  • Centralized accounting environment with high speed connectivity to hotels

  • Automatic payment of travel agent commission

  • Financial systems maintained in a position of readiness to absorb all new growth opportunities



Harmony improves the management company response times and the quality of those responses to questions and requests for assistance by the properties and ownership. Some of the tools Harmony utilizes to promote responsiveness and reporting include:

  • Regular contact with ownership

  • Monthly management letters

  • Quarterly review meetings

  • Monthly property visits

  • Customer service reports and ratings

  • Detailed daily revenue reports including operational statistics

  • Property asset audits

  • Property financial audits

  • Tracking financial performance against budget on a monthly and annual basis



Harmony trains, orients, and motivates the staff to obtain the greatest return from employees and reduce costs associated with employee turnover and injury. Harmony offers programs including:

  • Employee orientation program

  • Employee handbook

  • Safety committees

  • ADA awareness training

  • Customer service training

  • Revenue maximization training

  • Employee development programs such as industry seminars and educational workshops alcohol awareness training



Harmony improves cost savings and vendor service by consolidating purchasing for capital goods, operating supplies, food and beverage inventories and services. Harmony achieves these savings through:

  • Effective national contract pricing

  • One stop shopping through established sources

  • Purchase order placement with proven cost effective buyers

  • Standardization of products and services

  • Bulk buying of products and services

  • Review and negotiation to minimize property tax assessments

  • Volume purchasing power for liability, worker's compensation, and employee group health insurance

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